Cross Over

category: Movement

Netball cross over Movement Players run across the square to catch the ball and pass down the outside of the square. Use cones to start with but once...

Quickest Way Up The Court

category: Group-practices

Netball Quickest way up the court Group practices Set out the players as shown. ... The players should move onto the ball in anticipation for maximum...

Reaction Drill

category: Ball-skills

Netball Reaction drill Ball skills Players work in pairs (1 feeder and 1 worker). The worker turns her back on the feeder. When the worker turns arou...


category: Interception

Netball intercept Interception In groups of 5. 2 balls. 4 players in square 1 worker in middle. 2 Players continuously pass to each other while worke...

Web Videos

Netball passing and defending drill

This guide from intosport.com will show you an excellent team netball drill to work on passing under pressure. It will also help defenders with their ...

Netball - i play like a negs girl

Every young girl's dream: Watch as the young women of NEGS demonstrate why they are leading the way in creating an exceptional culture of sporting ...


Clean Intercepting

Get your defenders reading the situation, reacting to the ball and performing clean interceptions to regain possession

Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements


Community Drills


Standing in a triangle with the defensive player in between, the feeder throws the ball to either of the static players and the defensive player has t...

Anticipation Drill

In this drill you have to trow to one of the players and the defender in the middle has to try to get the ballThis is hard as there are two people to ...


In order for the Goal Shooter to play assertively she must first gain confidence in her Rebounding ability. Which is why this first drill will help al...