Drill Categories

Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...


Shuttle Circuits

category: Footwork

Designed to work your players hard - working on their cardiovascular endurance and their plyometric strengthHeel Flicks: Kick your heels up to your bu...

Ice Cream

category: Footwork

This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player running in catching the ball and landing on one foot and then the next. The play...

Pass And Move In Opposite Direction

category: Passing

Players pass the ball clock wise. After each pass the player runs to touch the cone of the player in the opposite direction they passed to and then ru...

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Match Fitness

Back to netball session - designed to get your players' hearts pumping and improve their fitness levels and refresh their netball skills