2 Vs 1 Passing

category: Getting-free

Coaching points · Quick, short steps · Fake runs · Stepping in front of the defender to cut them off before making a run.

Pop Pass

category: Set-Plays

Coaching points · The GS must do a convincing fake to move the GK and leave room for the GA · The GA must time their movement correctly.

Attackers Providing Options Around The Circle

category: Attack

Netball Drill Demonstration · Description · Coaching points · Progression · Description · Coaching points · Progression · Related DrillsOften ...

Backline Pass Progression

category: Set-Plays

We've got the tools and techniques to help take your coaching to the next level this year! read more. Avoiding Player Burnout. See our top tips for y...


Movement Skills - The Roll

Help your players to receive the pass with this space-finding session, getting players to escape their marker with the spin and go!