Pass Follow And Return

category: Passing

4 players in a square ( cones can be used )

players pass the ball clockwise around the 4 corners of the square.

After each pass the p...

Using The Overload

category: Warm-ups

Cone out a square, 5m x 5m, with 3 attacker's and 1 defender inside.

One of the attackers starts with a ball.

The attacker's aim is to ...

Web Videos

Netball drills- running box drill

This is a great team netball drill for working on passing and movement. It also helps players to work on catching the ball at speed and making quick d...


Community Drills

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Warm Up ( 10 minutes)Jog the hard courts, high knees accross court and back with sprint, HIgh butt kick accross court and sprint back. Grab a drink1st...

4 corners

-divide team evenly between the 4 corners-one player starts with the ball-the next player in a clock wise direction begins to run towards the next mar...


4 lines in 4 corners (square shape). Two opposite lines run forward, receive the ball and bass ahead.