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Ball skills Drills

The essential netball ball handling skill videos below will improve your players' ability to handle the ball. These ball skill drills will help your p...

Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...


Run And Pass - Two Options

category: Movement

The attackers need to sprint and change direction. 6 players stand Indian file. The player with the ball faces the line. The first player leads in on...

Ball Catching Skills And Quick Movement

category: Ball-skills

Two players stand two meters apart. The receiver turns their back on the feeder and awaits their instructions. When the feeder gives the command, sho...

Compete For The Ball.

category: Attack

Variation Feeder throws the ball against the wall. 2 players compete fo the rebound.

Ball Skills

category: Ball-skills

Player work in pairs and stand 1m apart. Players pass back and forth while facing one another as they move along the length of the court and back.

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