123 Pass Move

category: Passing

3 players 2 balls one of the players with the ball does 3 passes with the player without the ball. then the next player with the other ball does 3...

2 Ball Skill Advanced

category: Ball-skills

2 players 2 balls 1 ball should only be bounce passed and the other ball should be chest passed through the air.

3 Passes Hold To Shoot

category: Group-practices

3 players 2 balls 1 player gets ready to shoot and holds position to shoot while the other 2 pass the ball 3 times between them.

The player ...

4 Corner Drill

category: Getting-free

Minimum of 8 players with 2 balls (balls start on diagonally opposite corners).

Players 1 and 3 run to their left towards the player that is...

Chest To Bounce Pass

category: Passing

2 balls, 2 players face each other. Both players pass the ball straight and at the same time, but one player uses a chest pass and the other a bou...

Complete The Square - 4S

category: Passing

  • Split the group into 4s with 2 balls.
  • The feeder (Blue Player 1) has two balls, she passes to Blue Player 2 who passes first to her right. ...

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    Community Drills

    Activity 2

    2 balls, 2 feeders, 3 conesAttacker drives at an angle to the first cone and recieves a passAttacker returns pass back to feeder before driving to the...

    Two ball up!

    2 players, 2 balls. Players stand approx 2m apart facing each other.GD throws her ball straight up in the air above her head.As soon as GD releases he...

    Footwork Passing

    In Groups of 32 Balls - one per feederWorker uses quick feet to react to each passWorker should be trying to move forwad for the ball and catch using ...

    Around the world

    Transition into Around the World drill. Walk through first. 2 balls at the ready. Shooters hold ball up high above head. Discourage drops. If there ...