Post Up And Overlap (2V1)

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Post Up and Overlap (2v1) Video Techniques - Playing a 2 on 1 in a ... Player making the initial pass should get ahead of play, looking to rec...

Posting Up - Roll Left

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Posting up - Roll Left Video Techniques - Posting up is when a player moves from one area of the pitch to another looking to receive the ball ...

Pull Back Stage 4

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Pull back stage 4 Video Techniques At this stage we add the running with ... wiyth their left foot and turning the stick to the reverse before...

Principles Of Flicking

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey Principles of Flicking Passing & Receiving - Basics of flicking the ball - Similar ... with the underside of the ball - Place the stick behind...

Web Videos

Field hockey - passing as a message

Explanation of the drill: - Defender decides to stand on one of the both cones - Player with ball aims to pass the ball so that the receiver knows whe...


Play wide to go Forward

Stretch them out - Use the whole width of the pitch and stretch your opposition to breaking point!