Unopposed 11-A-Side

category: Game-related

Hockey Unopposed 11-a-side Game related The team has to pass the ball around the team using two touches. However, when ever players run out of posit...

Check The Time Grip

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Check the time Grip Practices For Juniors Players should switch from looking at the time on their watch (watch on left hand for right handed p...



Community Drills

Last Year 2016

Last years line up. traditional. Works against back four. can be opened up on counter attack and with a back three. Can be one dimentinal with th...

5v4 continuous

Play for a set time. When on attack, player has 5 players, when defending, one must drop. Communication and awareness with quick transition

Travail du press

Durée du travail = 1 minute4 duo de défenseurs ( 2 répétition par duos)- Une fois que les 2 défenseurs ont touchés la balle dans une zone, ils doivent...