Individual Ball Control

category: Rebound-Blocks

1 player 1 board each.

Reboun board can be turned to rebound the ball back high or low.(in the video the player on the left is receiving reb...

Shortcorner Move For Weekend

category: Set-Pieces

This is one of the moves I wanted my team to see before the training session because. We are playing a 2 2 defence ( with 2 line man)

Switching The Point

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2.

Player 2 turns away from the cone, and passes the ball into space for player 3 to run onto.


Web Videos


Bite size fitness 8

Full pitch sprints and acceleration drills feature in this mini hockey-fitness session. Use this plan to add a fitness element to your training

Bite size fitness session 3

Use this 30 minute hockey related Speed and Cardiovascular endurance session to supplement your next training session!


Community Drills

Jongste Jeugd week 9 (training 1)

Oefening oranje: Speler rood start met een 1-2'tje met speler blauw. Speler rood maakt vervolgens een trappetje bij de dubbele pion en versneld daarna...

Training HCU E8 21/4/17

Oefening 1 (blauw): Basistechnieken. In iedere training gaat dit terugkomen. Oefen de push, flats en slag. Let er bij het stoppen van de bal op dat de...