category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Channelling Defending Skills Two defenders can work together to channel. ... Block Tackle Jab Tackle ... Channelling onto the forehand Drill ...

Open Side Block Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Open side Block Tackle Defending Skills Strong low body position and balanced ready to move. ... Channelling onto the forehand Drill Thumbnail...

1 V 1 - Channelling

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey 1 v 1 - Channelling Defending Skills Split your group into two teams - defenders and attackers. Players with the ball have to run around the c...

Channelling Proud To Coach

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Channelling Proud to coach Roles and Responsibilities Difficulty of the skill: Red - a difficult core skill for ages 7-9 years and upwards. As...

Web Videos

Field hockey 101: defending

Field Hockey - #3 Defending with Jeremy Hayward CD22 at REDS HOCKEY CLUB - Perth, Western Australia Kookaburra Jeremy Hayward (Australia) ...