One Handed Block - Reverse Stick

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey One Handed Block - Reverse Stick Defending Skills Players set up in ... The defender must then tackle the attacker with the flat face of their...

Ball To Right Hand Stick Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Ball to right hand stick side of GK Goal keeping where possible the gloved left hand should move across the ... Deflection / Angles Drill Dril...

Forehand Stick Dink

category: 3D-skills

Hockey Forehand Stick Dink 3D skills Lifting the ball over a stick or changing direction by lifting the ball is a 3 D skill. the lifting of the ball ...

Deflection / Angles Drill

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Deflection / Angles Drill Goal keeping Setup the practice as shown. The coach feeds the ball out to the ... Ball to right hand stick side of G...

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Reverse Stick Receiving 1 vs 1

- in 3's = passer, receiver, defender- passer pushes ball to receiver, who has run forward to receive the pass on their reverse stick either 1 or 2 ha...