Set Play Area

category: Conditioned-Games

The defenders aim is to take the ball out of the 23m area in control
and the 3 attackers aim is to try and score a goal. 3 v 3 plus a keeper....

Short Corner Defence 2 - 2

category: Set-Pieces

Setup the defence as shown with defenders on each post and a runner on each post.

Player 1 runs to the top of the circle with Player 2 runni...

Web Videos

Hockey coaching - set plays

Defending Break Away Overview: This practice is perfect for refining stick control. Organisation: Groups of players are organised in 2 teams as illust...

Fieldhockey defense

How to manage defense Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.



Free hits outside the D

Turn free hits into free goals with this Set Piece practice session - with conditioned games and drills to help you get more shots on goal

Community Drills

Half court - Game

Normal game play inside the half. The team is divided into two teams.One team starts as the attackers, the other as defenders. The attackers are tryin...