Accurate Kicking - Long Distance

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Accurate Kicking - Long Distance Goal keeping The feeder feeds the ... who kicks the ball to the wide player who either kicks / hits the ball ...

Kicking Accuracy

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kicking Accuracy Goal keeping Setup the drill as shown. ... ball outside of the circle and hits the ball for the goalkeeper to kick the ball b...

Kicking Warm-Up

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kicking Warm-Up Goal keeping The ball is fed into the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal. The goalkeeper has to kick the ball back to either...

Goalkeeper Compass Shuttle

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Goalkeeper Compass Shuttle Goal keeping Setup five cones in either the form of a compass or clock. On the command go the goalkeeper moves to t...

Web Videos

Penalty stroke or goalkeeper save?

This action took place during the 2014 Commonwealth Games Final between the Hockeyroos and Team GB. Jodie Kenny was in charge of taking this shootout ...


Community Drills

Selection for 21/10/15 vs Warwick

Points for before the game:Good quality warm up, don’t doss aroundMake sure people know the starting line up -->Press is ¾ German (yo...