Swedish Shooting Drill

category: Samples

Ice Hockey Swedish Shooting Drill Samples - For defensemen to work on their shots, passing, and pivoting. - Each player will get three shots. To star...

Four Passes - Working In Fours

category: Samples

Ice Hockey Four Passes - Working in Fours Samples Four players work with one puck around the center circle, working in two pairs. The first pair play...

1 V 1 - Under Pressure

category: Samples

Ice Hockey 1 v 1 - Under Pressure Samples Blue player 1 skates with the puck and shoots on goal. After the shot they then skate and touch the goal po...

The Defense Players During Power Play

category: Samples

Ice Hockey The defense players during power play Samples short Sample of Positioning and movement of defense players during power play.

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Awesome nutmegs!!! | field hockey

Nutmeg is an awesome way to skill your opponent and you look and feel like a boss when you do it to someone. These are some of the best nutmegs in fie...


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