Free Hit Forehand Add

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Free hit forehand add Set Pieces Player on the ball waits for the player in the D to make a move with their stick outside the D for them to pa...

2 V 1 Self Pass Free Hit

category: Self-Pass

Hockey 2 v 1 self pass free hit Self Pass White player 1 and 2 have decided between them who will take the self pass (without the defender knowing) O...

Back Foot Shot

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Back Foot Shot Video Techniques Run to the ball and shoot on the turn. ... on getting away from a defender, especially from free hits outside ...

Self Pass Disguise Free

category: Self-Pass

Hockey self pass Disguise Free Self Pass The player with ball has a free hit. They should play a self pass before then trying to get the ball to eith...

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Free hits outside the D

See free-hits around the circle as a massive opportunity to take the initiative and create guilt-edge chances at goal.



Community Drills

Winning free hits

blue player recieves ball and has 5 attempts.win free hit = 3ptsexit box = 5ptslose possession = -1ptgood ball control.recieve on the move.develop fas...

Goalscoring for the sideline

Drill has 3 defenders and 4 attackers and a GK.Aim of the drill is for the attackers to score and the defenders to get the ball past the 16 yard line....

Game Plan 8/24

We will be in a 3:4:3:1 formation:3- forwards4- midfielders3- backs1- goalieLaura/Collete: You guys are my wings, it is important that you stay w...