Netball Rules - 1V1 Progression (No Grids)

category: Conditioned-Games

Have 2 equal teams and 2 goals in a 23 m area.

Players play a 7v7 game with the following rule: When a player is in possession they are not ...

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Community Drills

Moving the ball in attack

Starting with the ball in defence with one defender, pass the ball to either the left or right then to the middle then to a forward who will score.It ...

Leading and changing direction

"Mini-goal needed for drill"The players will start at the cone, post up calling for the ball loudly, then change direction either left or ri...

Roller ball

Following a jog around the pitch, players to split into groups based upon number who attend then will take part in roller ball.Rules of the game.To ge...


A to B, then B back to A, which passes off to C. C passes onto B at the 15 yd. line, and continues to run after the pass off to assist A who is going ...