Basic Grip

category: Grips

Hockey Basic grip Grips Holding the Stick Place your left hand at the top of stick and right hand at the bottom of the stick. Grips will change for d...

Frying Pan Grip

category: Grips

Hockey Frying Pan Grip Grips Hold the stick in two hands with the flat side facing upwards. This is the grip for a ... Basic Grip 2 Drill Thumbnail V...

Defence The Circle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Defence the circle Defending Skills Defender passes the ball. Attackers go 1 on 1 and try to penetrate the circle. Defenders priority is to st...

Now Lets Put It All Together

category: Extras

The keeper 'crabs' three paces left and does a basic leg block. d. Return to the ... the World's Largest Field Hockey Coaching Resource and we're sti...

Web Videos

Field hockey for beginners

This is just a brief instructional video about the basic skills of field hockey. It covers the proper stance/grip, dribbling, passing and receiving sk...

Field hockey 101

The Bryant Field Hockey team takes you through some of the basics of their sport.



Community Drills

basics - Pass on move

J1 passe à J2 qui controle cette balle en mouvement vers le couloir extérieurJ3 fait un appel sur le flanc afin de recevoir une passe de J2J4 fait un ...

Passing in Pairs

Basic warm up to get hand eye coordination going.First touch focusPosting UpBall Speed

Basic Drill

Place a pile of balls about 2 meters away from a fence. Stand facing the fence and repeatedly attempt aerials at the fence. Using the correct techniqu...