2D/3D: Combining Elimination Skills

category: 3D-skills

- Player peforms a sharp change of direction, followed by a stick dink from hockey position, and finish with a one handed lift
- Combining 2D ...

Double 3D Skill

category: 3D-skills

- Use stick dinks to eliminate right angled blocks
- Players practice using stick dinks in both directions in quick succession

Dribble 3D - Up Up Up

category: 3D-skills

- Perform a stick dink, with the ball bouncing in between each cone

Dribble 3D - Up Up Up

category: Video-Techniques

- Performing a continuous stick dink

- Practice 3D skills whilst moving in a linear fashion

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Community Drills

Practice & progression 1

Attacking down the right sideSet up at each end of the pitch, split into abilities.(see diagram)Players follow pass.Players waiting to join the drill ...

Autosave 6112097

Moving the ball with vision:Dribble round 4 zigzag cones set up from 25 to D. Strike at goal at top D. Set up at both ends of pitch.3 lines at edge ...

3D Skill Circuit

Starting with staight scoops over cones moving into angled forehand and then back hand lifts.finish with a flick at goal