1V1 - Scoring Challenge

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Set up two lines of players as show in the image.

The players with the ball start from the middle of the pitch on the 23m line and run out t...

1V1 Left Right Attack

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2, player 2 has to try and score.

The defender has to start 5 to 10m away from a cone. They have to ...


category: Overload-situations

Coach feeds the ball to MM who plays the ball to RD or LD. These in turn play the ball in to the forwards on their side and play 3v2, (defenders h...

Deflect Inside

category: Self-Pass

Player on the free hit hits the ball hard slightly wide of the D for a player to move out with their stick to deflect the ball into the D for a sho...

Web Videos

Best field hockey 3d skills ever!

Field Hockey is a sport with a lot of skills and precision. Field hockey is not limited to only being on the ground or turf, but once the ball goes in...


Free hits outside the D

Turn free hits into free goals with this set piece practice session - with conditioned games and drills to help you get more shots on goal


Community Drills

2 v 1 top D

Exchanging space and encouraging the support player to penetrate the top D. Strikers posting up to the ball and getting ahead of the Defender. - ...

Autosave 56059830

Player posts up to cone and is passed the ball by the player on the other cone. Then Dribble into the D and shoot at the top .

Back and around Circle drive drill

Balls and extra players start at left back corner. Blue player dribbles through cones, makes back and around cross-field pass to green player.Gre...

Transfer and 'round behind

TransferQuick passes down the sidelineRun the baseline before passing back to the player leading into the D (anywhere they choose)Reversable drill. Fo...