Pass Down The Line

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Pass down the line 526 ballcirculation Blue 1 feeds the ball in front of blue 2 who then duels with their opposite number before passing the...

Mini Handball

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Handball Mini handball 116 passing/intercepting + finding space and defending Two teams, each with goalkeepers, play across a half-court sized pitch.

Quick Switch - Simple Screen

category: 317-jump-shot-high

Handball Quick Switch - Simple Screen 317 jump shot high Three groups of players - a group on each ... The play starts from the right wing with playe...

Warming-Up : Up And Down, Back And Forth

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Up and Down, Back and Forth warming up Blue player 1 runs anti-clockwise around the first cone and passes to blue player 2 whoÂ...

Snake Running - Pass And Go

category: 320-passing-varieties-catching-passing

Handball Snake running - pass and go 320 passing ... Four other players stand across the width in a zig-zag formation without a ball each. On the coa...

Web Videos

Overhead pass- handball

COACHING POINTS -Stand square with a slight bend in the knees -Hold the ball in two hands -Bring the ball behind your head -As you go to push forward ...

Handball ~ hip pass

The player should aim to throw the ball sideways across their body to their teammate. This is executed by the player placing their arm to the side of ...


Covering Defenders in the 3:2:1 System

Get your back-line moving as a unit and backing one another up when running out to close down the opposition in this cooperative defending session.