Feint And Throw

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Handball Feint and Throw 318 jump shot far The first player runs forward to the cone, feints (dummy) and then bursts to the left or the right around ...

Feint And Throw On Goal

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Feint and Throw on goal 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball In this drill players receive a wide pass and then move towards the defender. Once th...

Feinting Under Pressure

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Feinting under pressure 526 ballcirculation Players line up on both sides of the court with a ball in hand. They take it in turns to pass th...

Feint + Shoot Or Feint + Pass To Pivot

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Handball Feint + shoot or Feint + pass to pivot 560 complex shooting exercises Pass A to space making B. Pass B1 to C - in the meanwhile B1 retreats ...

Web Videos

Handball feints #8

Body fake move in handball has multi purposal influence during attack. Most often feint is powerful one on one weapon, where attacking player uses it ...

Handball feints vol. #7

Feints video could be good handball training tool. Great way to learn and improve your playing skills. You can watch some examples of shot feint, twis...

How to do handball zig zag feint?

This video shows how to do zig zag feint in handball. Powerful movement trick in attacker's legs but you have to know when is suitable to perform it. ...


Improving feinting and shooting!

Get your players moving - using fast feet, body feints and and speed to create space for the shot in this fun feinting skill session!


Community Drills

Handball Feint - Twist feint

Here is a great feinting technique that your players should look to use in this game - on and off the ball.In this video sequence, the flow of the sho...