Pair Attack

category: 314-center-shot

Handball Pair Attack 314 center shot Players take it in turns to attack in a 2 vs 1, with one player from the left pairing with the central player or...

One-Two Pass And Shoot

category: 314-center-shot

Handball One-Two Pass and Shoot 314 center shot Players stand in line waiting their turn to attack. The first player passes to player two in the midd...

Quick Passing And Shooting

category: 541-attacking-in-powerplay-situations

Handball Quick passing and shooting 541 attacking in powerplay situations Five players from the attacking team position themselves around the goal ar...

Hit The Benches - Defence V Attack

category: 217-shooting-defend-shooting

Handball Hit the benches - Defence v Attack 217 shooting/defend shooting The blue team are the attackers and the whites are defenders, working in one...

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How to practice handball

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Passing and shooting

Scoring more points than the other team is the end game. Increase your players passing and shooting ability and enhance your team's success!