Decision Making : Backcourt'S Or Pivot'S Shot

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Handball decision making : backcourt's or pivot's shot 560 complex shooting exercises Pass 1-2-4 and shot and pass 1-3-5 and shot. Passing at full sp...

Fast Break - Combination Pass 2V1

category: 538-fast-break

Handball Fast Break - Combination Pass 2v1 538 fast break In this move the winger start with the ball and passes the keeper who returns the pass to t...

Complexe Schottraining

category: 562-complexe-schottraining

Handball complexe schottraining 562 complexe schottraining Pass 1-2-cs 4 en afronden, pass ... decision making : backcourt's or pivot's shot Drill Th...

Drawing In The Defender - 3 Vs 2

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Handball Drawing in the defender - 3 vs 2 116 passing/intercepting + finding space and defending Player 1 dribbles around their cone whilst player 2 ...

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Passing and shooting

Scoring more points than the other team is the end game. Increase your players passing and shooting ability and enhance your team's success!