Warming-Up : Ball Handling In Triangulars

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : ball handling in triangulars warming up (moving with ball) - dribble - dribble with right hand - dribble with left hand - dribb...

Double Feint

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Double feint 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball Two groups opposite. Come forward and feint your opponent (also an attacker) with exactly the sa...

The Far Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Handball The Far Jump Shot 318 jump shot far As players run up to where they are going to throw from they should bring the ball up to shoulder height...

Feinting 1

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Feinting 1 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball The attacker in this drill should ... so for a right handed player this would be the attacker's ri...

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