Step Forward And Attack

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball step forward and attack 548 6:0 defence Blue players step forward and attack their opponent every time he is in possession. Change after 5-8...

548 6:0 Defence

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball 548 6:0 defence 548 6:0 defence R1 throws from the left wing. Sprints to cone at the other side, gets ball from B1 and throws at the goal. S...

Work Together In Defence

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball Work together in Defence 548 6:0 defence The two attacking players take it in turns to attack the two defenders in a 2v1. The non-attacking ...

Defend The Pivot

category: 548-6-0-defence

Description. Pass 1-3-1.Defender 1 steps forward to attacker 1.Defender 2 takes pivot 2. Coaching points. Change attack-defense after 3 minutes. read...

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