Side Roll

category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Gymnastics Side Roll Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2 Commence with arms horizontal taking weight on bent left knee and extended right leg. Lower lef...


category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Weight Transter (Tummy Up). Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2 Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2. Side Roll Drill Thumb...

'Teddy' Roll

category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Gymnastics 'Teddy' Roll Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2 Sit in straddle with arms ... Roll to the left taking weight on shoulder. ... Side Roll Dril...

Short Arm Overswing (Progressions)

category: short-bend-Arm-overswing

Gymnastics Short Arm Overswing (Progressions) short bend Arm overswing Place ... Backward Roll Supports. Side Roll Drill Thumbnail View this drill. S...

Side Stepping

category: Key-2-content-Walking-Stepping-Leaping

Gymnastics Side Stepping Key 2 content Walking-Stepping-Leaping Keeping the arms horizontal, bring the feet ... Backward Roll Supports Drill Thumbnai...

Backwards Roll To Handstand Balance.

category: Key-5-4-Catching

Gymnastics Backwards roll to Handstand balance. Key 5 4 Catching .Starting situation. A backwards on to the Side of B, and B offset from Back to Side...

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Side roll

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1110 side safety roll

Description: Challenge kids to roll sideways, safely. Fitness Games & Activities Inspired by the work of Gymnastics coach educator Keith Russell from ...