Putting Challenge

category: Tri-Golf-Putting-Games

Golf Putting challenge Tri Golf Putting Games Each team is divided into pairs and each pair begins play on a different hole on the putting course. Pl...

Step Back

category: Tri-Golf-Putting-Games

Golf Step Back Tri Golf Putting Games Starting with cone nearest to the target players attempt to putt the ball into the hole moving onto the next wh...


category: Start-Golf-Putting-Games

Golf Overtake Start Golf - Putting - Games ? To encourage the pupil to develop consistent rhythm to the stroke and control the distance. Pupils begin...

Finders Keepers.

category: Tri-Golf-Putting-Games

Golf Finders Keepers. Tri Golf Putting Games OBJECTIVE: Putt (roll) the ball along the ground to hit the cones. Players collect all cones the ball hi...


category: Tri-Golf-Putting-Games

Golf Bullseye Tri Golf Putting Games SET-UP: Mark out one or more Bullseyes using chalk, string, hoops or other suitable markers. Mark out hitting ar...

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