6 Vs 2 Invasion Game

category: Defending

Football 6 vs 2 Invasion Game Defending High Intensity drill This a 6 vs 2 invasion game. Mark out three areas in a line (each box 15m x 25m) using c...

6 V 2 Rwtb

category: Dribbling

Soccer 6 v 2 RWTB Dribbling Objective: Application of running with the ball in a small ... Split up the players into 6 v 2 in 2 end zones. ... 1 vs 1...

Soccer Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Football Soccer Cricket Conditioned games Make two teams of 6. The coach is the pitcher. He stands in a 5 x 5 yard area 10 yards from the wickets (5 ...

Crazy 6 S

category: Conditioned-games

Football Crazy 6 s Conditioned games Place 5 discs with soccer balls on them on each end line. Play 6 v 6 in the area. When the ball rolls out of bou...

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Community Drills

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Drill Objective:This is a soccer drill designed for under 6 soccer players. It is designed to work on simple body movement, coordination and balance.D...

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Junior pitch:Under 10s & Under 11s 9 v 9Can play 3-2-3 formation when attacking. 3-4-1 formation when defending. Under 8s & Under 9s 7 v 7Under 6 & Un...