Turning Out To Shoot

category: Shooting

Football Turning out to shoot Shooting Receiving the ball and either turning out or in to have a shot at goal.

Pass And Shoot

category: Shooting

Football pass and shoot Shooting Put the players in three lines, each line needs some balls at the front. Player 1 makes a forward run to receive the...

Cruyff Cut Back

category: 1-v-1-skills

Football Cruyff Cut Back 1 v 1 skills Plant the standing leg to the side of the ball, bring the ... into the space behind. croif, croift, cruyf, cruy...

Strikers Space

category: Shooting

Football Strikers Space Shooting Play 3 v 2 in the larger area and play 1 v 1 with a ... Football Drill Demonstration ... Turning out to shoot Drill ...

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