1 V 1 Passing Grid

category: 1-v-1-skills

The Object of this drill is to retain the ball whilst moving it from end to end.

The Setup requires 6 grids and 3 groups of 4 player arranged...

2 Back 1 Forward Free Dribble

category: Dribbling

Player(s) dribble from one cone to the other.

They work on taking 2 touches backwards with the soles of one foot and push the ball forward w...

2 Goal Finishing

category: Shooting

Set up a second goal as shown in the diagram.

Player 1 starts standing behind a mannequin, positioned outside of the penalty box left hand co...

3 Vs 1 Keep Ball

category: Possession

Straight forward passing and moving drill with only two touches on the ball.

The blue players off the ball can only receive the ball at one ...

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Community Drills

18 Yard Box Game

Best carried out as a 4v4 or 5v5 game with a goalkeeper.The objective is to collect a ball from station 1, 2, or 3 and try to create enough space insi...

Shark Attack

Objective: Last man standing.Set up a large grid envolving all players with a ball. Players dribble freely on coach's "go," players try to m...


Players to organise themselves into 2v1 teams and play to score into goals.Players can rotate who plays in the team of 2 and team of 1.Can players sho...


- Mr. Ice: Kids have to run to get the ball while Mr. Ice doesn't look, and freeze when he turns around. Once they have the ball they can run back...