3 Player Combination With Defender

category: Shooting

Football 3 Player Combination with Defender Shooting Set up as shown. The player in the middle starts with the ball. They play a diagonal ball into s...

Move Your Defender Laterally

category: Defending

Soccer Move your defender laterally Defending The attacker dribbles the ball in a confined space from left to right in order to try and move the defe...

Quick Deep Pass - Outnumber The Defenders

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Football Quick deep pass - Outnumber the defenders Passing and Receiving Working on playing a quick pass to the deepest player on your team. Using th...

3 Vs 2 - Two Channels

category: 1-v-1-skills

Soccer 3 vs 2 - Two channels 1 v 1 skills 2 players in one channel attack 1 defender whilst another attacker and defender wait in the other channel. ...

Run Out To The Player - 1V1

category: Defending

Football Run out to the player - 1v1 Defending Set up a line of defenders on both sides of your 18 yard box and two lines of attackers roughly in lin...

1 V 1 Passing Grid

category: 1-v-1-skills

The Object of this drill is to retain the ball whilst moving it from end to end.

The Setup requires 6 grids and 3 groups of 4 player arranged...

1 V 1 Passing Grid With Through Balls

category: 1-v-1-skills

Set up 6 3x3m gris in the centre with 2 goals at either side.

Split the group into groups of 6 and place a attacker and a defender in each gr...

Web Videos

5 tips for defenders in soccer

Here are 5 tips for defenders in soccer! You have all wanted me to do some more defending videos, so we are starting with some soccer tips for defende...


Retreating Defence

If it breaks down in the middle, your players need to be thinking about recovering straight away. Make it a habit with this session.

Fitness Football

Every position demands different attributes and levels of physicality, so why don’t you train your players differently to match!? Use this session to ...

Defending When Outnumbered

When you do get caught on the break, make sure your defenders know their roles to slow the attacks down for the support to get back.

Combination Play

Put all your players on the same wavelength and see them combine all the way up the pitch to build sustained attacks that can cut through any defence.


Community Drills

3v3 small game

Set out 2 pitches of 3v3 with pug goals.Rotate the teams so they play 2/3 games.Can players exploit space and beat defendersCan players use their team...

Attacking and Defending

Split the area into 3 parts, then put one team on one end and the other team on the other end (as shown in the diargram). One side starts with a ball ...

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Organisation1 striker works with 2 other players, the player has 3 attempts to score. The striker passes a ball to the closest player who plays the ba...

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Attackers vs defenders. The attacking team has the keep the ball and pass it around the defenders to try and score.Always keep moving.Pass with differ...