1 V 1 - 3 Goal Game

category: Defending

Two players line up on opposite sides of a square.

The attacking player dribbles the ball towards the centre before then attempting to stop ...

1 Vs 2 Attacking A Goal

category: Defending

Two players line up on opposite sides of the grid to each other, with a third player placed between them in goal.

Player 1 dribbles the ball...

1 Vs. 1 Channelling

category: Defending

Two teams line up side by side behind their cones. When the player with the ball sets off to run around the cone the drill is live.

The play...

1V1 Finishing

category: Shooting

Every other player in each line has a ball.
The ball is played into space so that the attacking player can take the ball in their stride.

2 V 1 Overlap Switch

category: Shooting

Two attacking players against one defender.

The player who starts with the ball passes the ball square to the other player. This player runs...

4 Goal Channelling

category: Defending

6 vs 6 game with 2 Floaters (who can play for whichever team has the ball).

Set up an area the size of one half of the pitch. In each corner ...

4 V 2

category: Possession

Play 4 v 2 keep-away. Attackers are stationed in the corners of the grid. One ball per group. Repeat in another area for a total of 12 players.


4 V 2 Rotation

category: Possession

Four players are placed in a grid with two defender. The four attacking players aim is to keep possesion as long as possible.

The player who...



Shooting: Crossing and Finishing

A high % possession is worth nothing if your players aren't able to score. Make the most of all opportunities by improving their shooting skills

Using width when attacking

Stretch your opposition and drag defenders out of position with this wide attacking session, complete with two great conditioned games!

Community Drills

Ball Control 4v2 Skill

Possession game with 2 defenders. Defenders keep ball if recovered.Rotate the 2 plauers in the middleShape of teamCreate space as a team and individua...

4-3-3 Attacking Variation 2

1. AM Plays out to Wing.2. CF Checks to wing/plays 1-2 pass with wing.3. Wing Crosses into Box4. Players finish cross and continue runs.