Catching The Edged Ball

category: Wicket-keeping

Setup the practice as shown.The bowler throws the ball underarm towards the wicketkeeper. The batsman can either deflect the ball, leave it alone or ...

Wicket Keeper - Leg Side Take

category: Wicket-keeping

The ball is thrown wide of the leg stump so the wicket keeper has to move to the left to complete the catch.

Diving Practice

category: Wicket-keeping

Divide the main group into smaller groups of 4 and set up as shown. The ball is thrown to the wicket keepers (person in the middle) right or left for...

Moving Up To The Stumps

category: Wicket-keeping

Divide into pairs and set up the activity as shown in the diagram. From a measured distance behind the stumps, the wicket keeper runs up to the wicket...

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