Ball Retrieve Fitness

category: Running-between-the-wickets

Cricket Ball Retrieve Fitness Running between the wickets Player 1 starts on the middle cone, and aims to collect all 4 balls in as quickly as possib...

Running Between Wickets Relay

category: Running-between-the-wickets

In teams; have a relay race over a short distance, such as 5 metres. Each player must have a cricket bat. Emphasis on getting low and changing th...

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50 cricket fitness exercises

cricket #cricketfitness #cricketexercises 50 Cricket Fitness Exercise ideas for you to try in the gym, at home or on the cricket pitch. For more crick...


Fielding Fitness

Fitter is better! Get your players to perform at a higher intensity for longer in this cricket related fitness session!

Bonus Session - Cricket Fitness

Welcome back your team and give them the edge by working on your players' fitness levels - enabling them to play better for longer!


Community Drills

Blues Agility Fitness Fielding

Agility over 10-20 metres between poles. From black cone, sprint towards coach - field it and throw back to mitt. Continue around pole (blue) and run ...

Ladders and reaction catches

FitnessInterval runs/shuttle runs:20m - Jog, Sprint x 2, Jog, Sprint x1, walkHill runsUphill - Short quick strides x 10Downhill - Long stretching stri...

Wicket Keeping Fitness and Catching

Basic fitness and catching drill for wicket keepersPlayer starts at front and skips around the cones still facing the trainer in a low position. Once ...