Grid Catching Game

category: Catching

Cricket Grid Catching Game Catching Form a rectangle big enough for two teams of 6-8 players. The aim of the practice is to take 10 catches before yo...

Walking In Catching

category: Catching

Cricket Walking in Catching Catching This drill is best perfromed in two groups of 6-8 players. Set up the two cones 7 metres apart. The first player...

Catch And Duck

category: Catching

Cricket Catch and Duck Catching This drill is designed to test your players reactions and is also a chance for them to work on their catching techniq...

Catching Relay

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Catching relay Ground fielding and throwing Player 1 rolls the ball out for player 2 to run onto and catch. Player 2 flicks the ball back to ...

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Community Drills

Catch Tennis

2 teams of 2 will play in their own box. They must throw the ball and get it to bounce in the opposition teams box. The opposition must catch the ball...