Team Shooting Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Team Shooting Drill Shooting To make this a team exercise have players compete as a group in a first to 21 points game. 3 points are award...

Shooting - First To 21

category: Shooting

Basketball Shooting - First to 21 Shooting Players line up outside the key in two ... If they score their team get 2 points, if they miss but catch t...

Full Court Shooting Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Full court shooting drill Shooting Split the group in two at opposite corners of ... ball from the opposite corner before having a shot fr...

Number Shooting Game

category: Games

Basketball Number Shooting Game Games Split all your players into two teams and have them line up on opposite sides of the court. 2 basketballs are p...

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Team GB - Basketball Shooting Tests

Go on the offensive - Find your sharpest shooters with this team GB inspired shooting test session - working on free throws, lay-ups and 3-pointers!