Hot Seat- Shooting Game

category: Games

Basketball Hot Seat- Shooting Game Games Set up as shown in diagram. If the player makes the shot, then they will go to the back of the line and the ...

Shooting - First To 21

category: Shooting

Basketball Shooting - First to 21 Shooting Players line up outside the key in two lines, with one ball per line. The first player to run must shoot a...

Pass, Receive And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball Pass, receive and Shoot Shooting Players pass the ball to the coach or a feeder just inside the key and run immediately after passing towa...

Give And Go

category: Shooting

Basketball Give and go Shooting Player 1 makes a pass to player 2 before sprinting to receive the pass back from player 2. Player 1 then has a shot.

2 Player Pass, Cut And Shoot

category: Passing

Basketball 2 Player Pass, Cut and Shoot Passing Player 1 passes across to player 2. Player 1 will then cut around the cone near the baseline and back...

Shoot Under Pressure

category: Shooting

Basketball Shoot under pressure Shooting Player 1 passes the ball inside the key to player 2 and follows their pass. Before they enter they key playe...

3 Player Pass, Cut And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball 3 Player Pass, Cut and Shoot Shooting Setup the practice as shown. Player 1 starts with the ball with player 2 making a flash (sprint) cut...

Partner Shooting

category: Shooting

Basketball Partner Shooting Shooting Player 2 moves around the lane receiving passes from Player 1. Player 2 will shoot (e.g. 10 shots). Player 1 reb...

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Developing basketball shooting form

Having good shooting form is an essential skill that basketball players must develop when they step onto the hardwood. Shooting form starts by having ...



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