Full Lay Up

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Full lay up Shooting Techniques from the right hand side. Player dribbles with their right hand at an angle to the basket, when they are b...

Lay Up Drill With Pass

category: Shooting

Basketball Lay up drill with pass Shooting Set up the same as the original lay up drill. Players in the ... This can be done on the left of right han...

Lay Up Step 3 - Two Steps

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Lay up step 3 - Two steps Shooting Techniques The third step to teaching a lay up. From the right side the player takes a step with their ...

Two Man - Close To Basket Shooting

category: Shooting

Basketball Two man - Close to basket shooting Shooting Players line up 5-8 feet away from the basket standing on the right or left side. The player w...

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