1 V 1 Rebounding

category: Rebound

Basketball 1 v 1 Rebounding Rebound 1 offensive player and 1 defensive player. The ball will be thrown up at the basket. The defensive player must go...

Block Box Out Rebound

category: Rebound

Basketball Block Box Out Rebound Rebound Player 1 has ball and makes a jump shot. Player 2 must start from the other side of the free throw line and ...

Attacking Rebound Drill

category: Rebound

Basketball Attacking rebound drill Rebound Players toss the ball up on the backboard for themselves to then catch on the rebound. After catching the ...

Competitive Rebounding

category: 2-v-1

Basketball Competitive Rebounding 2 v 1 This drill requires 3 players around the basket with one feeder/coach. The ball is thrown up at the basket, t...

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Shooting on the rebound

No rebounds, no rings! Get your players to be first to the ball with the offensive rebound and see what a difference it makes to their attacking game!


Community Drills

Two Line Shooting Drill

Involves two lines of players standing to each side of the basket. One line takes a jump shot from one of the cones and after the shot the other colle...

Offense Option Letter/Palm

(Play to the Left side of the Court shown, used when there is no full court press)Ball Handler calls out a Letter and holds up his Palm while bringing...