1 V 1

category: 1-v-1

Blue player 1 starts with the ball in their hand on the baseline on the left hand side of the key. They then roll the ball towards red player 1 an...

1 V 1 In Open Floor

category: 1-v-1

Red player 1 (defender) rolls the ball out to blue player one. As soon as the ball is rolled the defender can go and close the attacker down. The ...

1-2-3 And Rebound

category: Shooting

Player 1 starts the move by passing the ball to player 2. Just as the first pass is being made player 3 runs diagonally in court in preparation to ...

1V1 From The Post

category: 1-v-1

The coach or a teammate places the ball on the floor.

Facing away from the basket, player 1 (attacker) stands in front of player 2 (defender...



Using Screens On and Off the Ball

Teach players how to set a screen (also known as a pick) to block the opposition and create attacking space for team-mates to cut into!

Community Drills


X3 must have RIM VISION. X4 will screen for x3.X3 will use screen and drive to the basket. x3 can shoot or pass to open player. x4 wi...

Down Pressbreak

Left and right wings cut inside then backLeft guard sets pickGuards stay back until ball is over half court

Lay-Ups Drill Bball

Blue team dribbles towards the hoop and then does a running shot (Lay-Up). The Red player runs in just after the blue player starts to take off and th...