Overhead Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Overhead Pass Passing Technique Start with the ball in both hands behind the head. Transfer the weight forwards onto one foot. As the weig...

Two Handed Overhead Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Two handed overhead pass Passing Technique This pass is often confused with the football throw in where the ball is taken behind the head.

Overhead Pass 3

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Overhead pass 3 Passing Technique Pass to increase elevation.

Pairs Overhead Pass Bounce Pass Layup

category: Shooting

Basketball Pairs Overhead Pass Bounce Pass Layup Shooting Pairs move down the court and back up passing the ball between themselves using overhead ....

Web Videos


Introducing Players to the Pivot

This session has been designed to get all your players involved, improving their passing, receiving and pivoting to achieve a higher passing completio...


Community Drills

Passing-Monkey in the Middle

Passing Drill - Monkey in the MiddleForm groups of three. Each group has a ball. Line up the passers about 15 feet apart (comfortable passing distance...

Passing drills

Here we have the group work in pairs and pass to one another. after a pass the players must back pedal around the cone and come and catch on a jump s...

Triangle Passing

Aim of the game is to rotate through everyone so the get to try each different pass- In groups of 5, 1 person will stand at the top and the other 4 wi...