Overhead Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Overhead Pass Passing Technique Start with the ball in both hands behind the head. Transfer the weight forwards onto one foot. As the weig...

Pairs Overhead Pass Bounce Pass Layup

category: Shooting

Basketball Pairs Overhead Pass Bounce Pass Layup Shooting Pairs move down the court and back up passing the ball between themselves using overhead ....

Dummy Overhead Pass And Ball Protection

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Basketball Dummy Overhead Pass and Ball Protection Footwork and Movement Player simulating overhead pass and then ball protection.

Forward Pivot To Overhead Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Forward pivot to overhead pass Passing Technique Keeping the ball in triple threat position. The player will forward pivot. Then finish wi...

Web Videos


Introducing Players to the Pivot

This session has been designed to get all your players involved, improving their passing, receiving and pivoting to achieve a higher passing completio...


Community Drills

Passing drills

Here we have the group work in pairs and pass to one another. after a pass the players must back pedal around the cone and come and catch on a jump s...

Box 1

In bounds pass meant to get the "5" (green) an open lay-upWhite = 1, Red = 2, Blue = 3, Yellow = 4, Green = 53 must fake the ball to the 2 i...


Trying to get 5 a wide open lay-up1 and 2 move immediately, 4 moves .5 seconds later5 moves 1 second later; hopefully giving time for the defender to ...


This play is designed to get the "4" an open lay-up1 and 2 make their cuts immediately2 calls for the ball and the 3 must make it look like ...