8 Man Passing Drill

category: Passing

Basketball 8 man passing drill Passing For this drill the minimum number is 8 players but more players can participate by joining to form a queue beh...

5 Man Weave

category: Passing

Basketball 5 man Weave Passing Players are numbered from one to five with player number one starting with the ball to the right of the key. player nu...

3 Man Runner Passing Drill

category: Passing

Basketball 3 Man Runner Passing Drill Passing 3 lines with the basketball starting in the middle. The ball is passed to a side, then back to the midd...

3 Man Motion Drill (Ii)

category: Shooting

Basketball 3 Man Motion Drill (ii) Shooting 1 passes to 2. p1 v-cut and replace yourself. 2 pass back to 1. 2 & 3 back cut. 1 pass to 2 or 3. Rebound...

Web Videos

Man-to-man defense | basketball

In this video, you will learn the basic principal of man-to-man defense, the most fundamental defensive strategy. Keep watching to learn about zone de...




Community Drills

5 Out

Motion Offense against a Man to Man

Screen Swing

Player B sets a screen for Player A. Once the screen is in place, Player D and E switch positions. Player C swings to B's former position. Player A dr...