Shooting Practice

category: Shooting

Do a spin back, cut, catch, Trip it back then fake it towards the baseline Turn toward the free throw line to take a shot. Take 10 shots at the base...

Individual 1V1 Moves

category: Shooting

Move off the lane about 5 meters to face the sideline. Toss the ball into the middle, jab step and cut, catch, chin and do a lift fake, drop step bac...

Individual Cuts And Shooting

category: Shooting

Start at the three-point line extended. Toss the ball on a spin back into the middle of the circle 2 meters above the free throw line. Jab stab and c...

Shooting - Individual Drill

category: Shooting

Start on the block and toss to the free thrown line extended, jag, cut and when the ball is caught immediately drop step with a dribble drive to the b...

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