1 V 1

category: 1-v-1

Blue player 1 starts with the ball in their hand on the baseline on the left hand side of the key. They then roll the ball towards red player 1 an...

3 On 1 And 3 On 1

category: Passing

Red 1 shoots a free throw. Players O1, O2 and O3 rebound the ball, fill the lanes. Red 1 plays defence. 2 cones at the halfway line. The wing playe...

30 Second Pyramid

category: Fitness

The pyramid should be completed within 30 seconds.

  • Baseline to near free throw line to baseline;
  • Base...

Banana Cut

category: Shooting

Start underneath and beside key near the block.

Toss the ball into a spin back into a point between the elbow and the free throw line and th...

Block Box Out Rebound

category: Rebound

  • Player 1 has ball and makes a jump shot.
  • Player 2 must start from the other side of the free throw line and try and make a block.
  • ...

  • Cutting And Shooting Drill

    category: Shooting

    Start position is on the block.

    1. Toss the ball to the free throw line extended at the three-point line.
    2. Jag, step and cut to c...

    Web Videos


    Team GB - Basketball Shooting Tests

    Go on the offensive - Find your sharpest shooters with this team GB inspired shooting test session - working on free throws, lay-ups and 3-pointers!


    Community Drills

    Offense Number 1 Step 2

    Player x3 will be able to 4 options to pass to or drive to the basket. x1 who just finished cutting to the basket will go to the side of the cour...

    Electric Chair

    Free Throw Shooting. Elimination Game. Last Person Remaining wins.Keep Track of Makes/Misses.

    Autosave 96911882

    Blue runs to free throw line.Red passes and blue catches and shoots.Swap linesReady to shootQuick releaseStep in to shot