Getting Free - Restricted Area

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Basketball Getting Free - Restricted Area Footwork and Movement Setup as shown. The defender is only allowed to move up and down the line as shown.

Free Throw Shooting

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Free throw shooting Shooting Techniques Ensure the player's shooting arm has the elbow at approximately 90 degrees underneath the ball.

Free Throw

category: Shooting

Basketball Free Throw Shooting An example of a free throw shot.

Get Free From Defender

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Basketball Get Free from Defender Footwork and Movement Player 1 starts with the ball and waits for Player 3 to lose their marker (player 2 in this c...

Free Throws When Changing Drills.

category: Shooting

Basketball Free throws when changing drills. Shooting In between shooting drills when changing from one to the other, shoot 10 free throws. Try to sh...

Get Free Using A S Cut

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Basketball Get free using a S Cut Footwork and Movement Three players (1 defender and 2 attackers). Player 1 runs towards the defender before making ...

1 On 1 With Entry Pass

category: 1-v-1

The coach starts with the ball on the top of the 3 point line. Blue player 1 has to try and get free from his defender before receiving a pass fro...

1 V 1

category: 1-v-1

Blue player 1 starts with the ball in their hand on the baseline on the left hand side of the key. They then roll the ball towards red player 1 an...

Web Videos


Using Screens On and Off the Ball

Teach players how to set a screen (also known as a pick) to block the opposition and create attacking space for team-mates to cut into!

The improvement of movement

Teach your player to pass and cut. This more advanced version of the give and go is perfect for receiving the ball in space and drawing defenders out ...


Community Drills

Offense Number 1 Step 2

Player x3 will be able to 4 options to pass to or drive to the basket. x1 who just finished cutting to the basket will go to the side of the cour...

Electric Chair

Free Throw Shooting. Elimination Game. Last Person Remaining wins.Keep Track of Makes/Misses.

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Blue runs to free throw line.Red passes and blue catches and shoots.Swap linesReady to shootQuick releaseStep in to shot