Change Direction Shooting

category: Shooting

Basketball Change direction shooting Shooting Have a chair set up about 18-20 ... The purpose of the drill is to teach players to go at speed, beat t...

Beat The Chair

category: Shooting

Basketball Beat the chair Shooting Players start out in the corner on either side of ... Time waits for no man, so use these 8 speed practices to get...

Fast Break And Lay Up

category: Passing

Basketball Fast Break and Lay Up Passing The idea of this drill is to develop the fast break, ... Fast Hands 1, 2, 3 Drill Thumbnail ... 2 Player Pas...

2V1 To 3V2

category: 2-v-1

Basketball 2v1 to 3v2 2 v 1 2 players will attack 1 defender. After a shot has been taken all 3 players become offence and 2 defenders will run in to...

Web Videos

How to - shoot a basketball faster!

How to shoot a basketball faster. In this video Coach Rocky will show you tips on how to have a quicker release and shoot the ball faster. DON'T FORGE...


7. Teaching the Fast Break

Now it's time to teach the fast break through the skills we have already learned in previous sessions to improve your players' passing and encourage t...


Fast Break - Speed Offence!

A great speedy session for getting your to players to push the ball, make good decisions at speed and progress up the court with confidence!


Teaching the Fast Break

Get your players pushing the ball, making good decisions at speed and progressing up the court with confidence!