Practise Shooting In A Game Situation 2

category: Shooting

Basketball Practise shooting in a game situation 2 Shooting Practice doing ... and shoulder fake to the middle, dibble drive to the baseline, do a sp...

Turn And Pass

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball Turn and Pass Advanced Ball Handling Players drive out to receive the pass, turn 360 degrees and ... Run, Fake, Pass and Shoot Drill Thumb...

Throw Fake Jump Shot

category: Individual

Basketball Throw Fake Jump Shot Individual Throw the ball forwards with a bit of backspin so ... Fake left. Drive back and right into space to make t...

Stutter Step With Cross Over Dribble

category: Training-at-Home

Basketball Stutter step with cross over dribble Training at Home As feet are stamped, ... As the ball returns to the hand, cross-over dribble, direct...

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4-1 Low

2 Guard FrontG1 Pushes and overloads the side AWAY from post in 6 hole._G1 is looking for wing coming off screens, looking for post or pass to corner....