Basketball Zone Defence Defense Zone Defence: marking an area / zone of the court and not a specific man.

Close-Out Baseline Drive

category: Defense

Basketball Close-out baseline drive Defense The defensive player will pass the ball to the offensive player. The defensive player will run towards th...

3 Vs 3 With Defence

category: Screening

Basketball 3 vs 3 with defence Screening Players join with another group of 3. One group plays passive defence to start off with. As the attacking te...

Defending A Dribble

category: Defense

Basketball Defending a dribble Defense Force the dribble and control the ball handler. Knees bent, back bent, feet wide and hands down and outwards. ...

Slide Race Drill

category: Defense

Basketball Slide Race Drill Defense Cones will be set up as shown in the video. Two players will be competing against each other. On the coach's whis...

Defensive Conditioning

category: Defense

Basketball Defensive Conditioning Defense Set up as shown in the image. Players will run to the first diagonal cone and close-out by chopping their f...

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