Drop And Catch Between Legs

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball Drop and Catch between Legs Advanced Ball Handling Legs bent, hold the ball between the legs, one hand around the back of one leg, the oth...

Figure 8

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball Figure 8 Advanced Ball Handling Stand with your knees about shoulder-width apart and bend over slightly. With the ball in your right hand,...

Finger Tip Control

category: Basic-Ball-Handling

Basketball Finger Tip Control Basic Ball Handling Holding your arms straight out in front, use your fingertips to tap the ball quickly from hand to h...

Hand Speed And Reactions

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball Hand speed and Reactions Advanced Ball Handling Hand quickness and reaction drill. Have a wide stance, holding the ball with 1 hand in fro...

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Once you are properly warmed up we get to be a bit more creative with the next 10 minutes. These drills are made up by you and can be varied from day ...