Back Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Back Screen Screening The back screen happens when the lower offensive player sets a screen for a player higher up on the court. The scree...

Screen And Back Cut

category: Screening

Basketball Screen and Back Cut Screening The down screen will happen away from the ball. The player receiving the screen will fake away from the bask...

Setting A Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Setting a Screen Screening Player 1 with the ball. ... When the screen is set player 1 fakes to the opposite side then crosses back to rub...

Off The Screen Shooting Drill

category: Screening

Basketball Off the screen shooting drill Screening Setup the practice as shown. ... Player 3 then collects the ball and returns the ball back to play...

Web Videos

Community Drills

Play 2a - UCLA

1 Passes to 25 steps up to back screen for 11 makes UCLA cut to low post

Back screen jump shot

10 shots from each sidestarting from under the basket, athlete runs to eother the left or right hand side.once at the marker , shoot the basketball.th...

Wing Screen

Use a pick and roll from PG to the wing.PG dribble to the top of the key. Wing pop up for a pass. PG set a back screen to play pick and roll.Wing...